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Bull Run Financial Group

Our mission at Bull Run Financial Group is to change the way financial planning has been done for decades. We accomplish this by developing strong client relationships through our process, leveraging our resources, and basing every decision on our team’s core values.

Our Process starts with understanding that every person’s situation is unique. Taking this into consideration while planning for our clients, we realize that some strategies work for some, while those same strategies may not work for others. Therefore, we have found that the beginning of a great relationship is understanding our client’s individual needs from the start.  After we have a clear view of what these are, we can utilize our resources to implement a customized plan around each client’s specific goals.

Our Resources are vast because we are independent. Being an independent firm frees us from being tied to any one company which gives us the ability to access the entire marketplace. The reality is, not any one of these big institutions will ever be able to offer the best-in-class for all of the financial needs a client will have. Some companies are great for protection, some for accumulation, and some for distribution. We have found that the flexibility to leverage each company for what they are best at is what makes your plan truly airtight. 

Our Team is built around four things: maintaining the highest level of integrity, having a thirst for knowledge, the ability to express compassion, and a strong desire to provide superior service everyday. By adopting these values as our philosophy, the environment we work in is built around the consistent development of our people.